Olivari’s door handles have a century long history. Manufactured within our factories, they take shape starting from brass bars, which are forged, treated, sanded, polished, chromed, metallized and laser marked, using the most innovative technologies, while taking care of them with craftsmanship/attention.

Made in Italy door handles

The Olivari internal door handles are designed by great internationally renowned architects and designers, with whom we have always collaborated, following the best Made in Italy tradition. Our handles are always born from a meeting between people, from the close collaboration between a creative mind and a technical-technological mind. In many cases, the inspiration comes from the need to finish and refine – with the help of a decorative and design handle – the unitary design of an architecture. And this provides an identity and a unique character to our creations. Even the term “Made in Italy” – however suitable and pertinent – is very generic for us, because all of Olivari’s handles are produced solely and exclusively in our headquarters in Borgomanero, near Milan. This is why we prefer to say: “Made in Olivari, Italy”.

Not just style: easy assembly, replacement, and maintenance for internal and exterior door handles

The simplicity of installation of the Olivari handles for doors and windows, and the easy interchangeability of the products, even in the case of armored doors, crown a job well done. Olivari door-handles – exclusively made of brass, titrated and certified copper and zinc alloy – follow a precise sequence of work phases: starting with hot forging and shearing, proceeding with some mechanical processing, grinding, vibrating, polishing, galvanic deposition, PVD coating and, finally, laser plating identification. The pull handles and the knobs for the exterior entrance doors and armored doors are made with the same care and attention, just like the accessories, such as plates, keys, coat hooks, roller shutter covers and doorstops. All the technical components, both in nylon and in steel, are printed and assembled at our Borgomanero factory as well.

Safety and guarantee of Olivari’s brass door handles

Each phase of the production cycle of the Olivari door handles provides for scrupulous checks, which guarantee constant quality over time, able to offer total safety even for the entrance door handles. If used according to the instructions for assembling, use and maintenance, the Gold, Nickel and Stainless Steel Superfinishes of the door handles offer a 30-year guarantee, while the Anthracite, Bronze and Copper Superfinishes a 10-year one. The galvanic chrome and satin chrome finishes have a 10-year guarantee.