The door knobs created by the designers and expert collaborators of the Olivari company tell the story of interior styling and the taste for fancy made in Italy finishes. The internal and exterior door knobs are a valid and elegant alternative, especially when applied to armored doors and entrance doors. Manufactured in our Borgomanero factories, these original creations are born from the ideas of the best international designers and creatives, and from our artisanal know-how. Olivari door knobs take shape – like our Olivari handles – starting from brass bars, forged, machined, sanded, polished, chromed and laser marked.

Door knobs Made in Olivari, Italy

The vast assortment of Olivari’s fixed and turn knobs allows you to find, among various shapes and finishes, the perfect match with your doors. Following the zeitgeist, Olivari knobs have taken on different shapes and finishes over the years: square, round and sphere knobs, bright and satin, or white and black. All the creations available in this section of the site are perfect in modern and contemporary settings, as well as in more classic ones. Our door knobs are much more than furnishing and decor accessories. They are apparently simple objects, which actually conceal an intense and long study of design and creation by the most interesting designers with whom we have always collaborated, in the spirit of the artisan tradition that distinguishes us.


Not just design: assembly, replacement and maintenance of the Olivari door knobs

The simplicity of assembling the knobs for Olivari doors and front doors, the easy replacement of the products, even in the case of armored doors, confirm a job well done. The central knobs for internal and exterior doors – made of brass – undergo to the same procedures and the same exact sequence of the manufacturing phases adopted for the realization of our most exclusive handles: hot forging and shearing, machining, grinding, vibrating, polishing, galvanic deposition, PVD coating and laser plating identification. The accessories of the knobs for entrance, exterior, internal and armored doors have been made for the past decades by true artisans in the sector and experts in the trade, always with the same care and attention.



Safety and guarantee of Olivari interior and external door knobs

Each production phase of the Olivari door knobs requires careful checks, thanks to which we are able to guarantee the high quality of the products, total safety and extreme privacy, especially when we it comes to the entrance door knobs. If used according to the instructions for assembling, use and maintenance, the Gold, Nickel and Stainless Steel Superfinishes of the door knobs offer a 30-year guarantee, while the Anthracite, Bronze and Copper Superfinishes a 10-year one. The galvanic chrome and satin chrome finishes have a 10-year guarantee.